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eng_6213 03/01/2562 MOF CSR Activity 3
eng_6212 20/12/2561 MOF Joined Bike Aun Ai Rak Activity 4
eng_6211 13/12/2561 MOF Jointly Gave Food Offerings to Buddhist Monk for Royal Merit to King Rama IX 2
eng_6210 06/12/2561 Meeting on Capital Budgeting Expenditure of State Enterprise 1
eng_6209 29/11/2561 EXIM Thailand Hosts 24th AEBF Annual Meeting in Phuket 3
eng_6208 22/11/2561 Finance Minister Presented MOF's Royal Kathin 2018 3
eng_6207 15/11/2561 MOF Permanent Secretary gave a Special Speech on the topic of “The solution of SMEs in a single accounting Era” 3
eng_6206 08/11/2561 Government Saving Bank Organized the National Savings Day 2018 1
eng_6205 01/11/2561 Deputy Prime Minister Gave the Operation Policy to the MOF’s Top Executives 1
eng_6204 25/10/2561 Meeting on the Performance Efficiency Improvement Measure for the Fiscal Year 2019 (Section 44) 1
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