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             Sponsors are lots of regional government. Department of Finance Ministry of Finance By requiring the Comptroller has “provincial (Changwad Treasuries)” for the first time about the year 1933, with the responsibility to regulate the inflow and outflow of money. As well as of the preparation of accounts and reports. The Comptroller General As well as a representative of the Bank of Canada in 1973 and later changed its name from “provincial” as “Sponsors” From then onwards.
            Sponsors are divided into four divisions structural units: 1) General Administration Department. 2) manage the receipt and disbursement of 1, 3) manage the receipt and disbursement of 2 and 4) manage the receipt and disbursement of 3.
            Responsibilities of provincial and district treasury offices after the 1973 re-organization.
            1. Receiving revenue and approving all types of disbursement requests within the budget which is disbursed at regional treasury officers.
            2. Receiving and disbursing, as well  as examining and approving requests for non-budgets.
            3. keeping cash for expenditure, at the amount identified by the ministry of finance, as well as disbursing and delivering money via the chain of disbursement specified by the ministry of Finance.
            4. Representing the Bank of Thailand at the district and provincial levels. Keeping, depositing and disbursing the savings of regional branches of commercial banks. In addition, some provincial treasury officers also serve as clearing houses between branches of commercial bank in the provinces.
            5. formulating budget accounts, non-budgetary accounts and saving accounts for commercial bank in the name of the bank of Thailand.
            Government units can also choose to cash to cash the requested budget from the district and provincial treasury officers or have the money transferred to savings account of the unit at a commercial bank in the district or province.           
            Later in 2003, the reform to improve the performance of government agencies to modernize and meet the needs of people is essential. Sponsor make a fine role to keep pace with such changes. Sponsor do not have to adjust the structure of the new unit, divided in to 3 group: group 1, 1), General Administration Department, 2) the academic, fiscal accounting, 3) Treasury Management System (GFMIS) and 4) of Finance and Economic Management (CFO).
            Office Deport Mukdahan province, locates at Wiwitsurakan Rd, Mukdahan 49000 was established in 1982 and is incorporated with the establishment of the province. Act 1982 the province on August 19, 1982.
            The current incumbent Director of the Mukdahan Provincail office of the  comptroller-General is Mrs.sasakorn Laorsriskulchai Incumbent on the year 2012-present.
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