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           Chanthaburi Precinct Treasuries was established in 1917 in charge of controlling national budget and revenue as well as the property of the Crown of the Kingdom of Thailand. The bureau was responsible in the areas of three provinces which were Chanthaburi, Rayong, and Trat.
            In 1933, according to the royal decree of Thailand, the precinct organization was decentralized to the provincial authority and the name of Chanthaburi precinct treasuries was changed to Changwad Chanthaburi treasuries. Thai responsibility was to control national budget and revenue, examine many types of expendlture and report directly to the Comptroller General’s Department includling being a representalive of the Bank of Thailand. Until 1973, The name of Changwad Chanthaburi Treasuries was changed to Chanthaburi Provincial Office of the Comptroller General and got over a representative of the Bank of Thailand in 2005.
            In present, Chanthaburi Provincial Office of the Comptroller General is at the old building of Chanthaburi provincial halt located on Leabnoen Road, Tambon Wat Mai, Amphor Muangchantaburi, Chanthaburi Province. From the past to present, the chief executive officers of Chanthaburi Provincial Office has been 32 persons. The first chief executive officer was Kromma Luang Sarokthanarach positioned in 1917 and the present chieft executive is Miss. Suree Kumtim positioned in 2011.
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