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              The  Buriram  provincial  office  of  the  Comptroller  General’s  Department  (BRM CGD) is  a  provincial  administration  of  Ministry  of  Finance.
            From  the  history,  it  is  recorded  that  the  first  director  of  Buriram  provincial  office  of  the  Comptroller  General’s  Department  began  in 1921. The  first  director  is  Kunpiboonsombat (Civil  official, third  class).  During   the  period  1921  to  2019  was  37 directors.  Now, the director of BRM CGD is Miss Khwanjai Paranusorn.
            BRM  CGD  was  located  in  the  city  hall  of  Buriram  provincial,  Jira road, Meuang  District, Buriram  Currently, BRM CGD  was located  in  the  new  city  hall of  Buriram  Provincial, 1159  Kaokadong,  Samet sub-district,  Meuang  District,  Buriram.
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